In this text we will refer to:

You/Your/You're, The customer/user of our services.

Us/Our/We, As the Assistant team/developers.

Our services/Bot/website/API, As the services we provide. Those include but not limited to: Our bot, Our website and Our image hosting service.

Note that any external service we provide are also concerned by this.

1. Abuses

You are not allowed to abuse any of our services.

Abuses can include but not limited to:

  1. Spamming our services or API.
  2. Abusing any breach you may find in our services.
  3. You are not allowed to upload any inappropriate content to our image hosting service.
  4. If we think that you are abusing our services in any other way we can take sanctions to prevent you from using or accessing our services.

2. Conditions to access your services

By accessing our services you agree that:

  1. You are above 13 year old
  2. You have read the entirety of Our Privacy policy and Term of UseAnd agreed with everything.
  3. You also agree that you are not using our services with bad intentions.

3. Sanctions

If you do not follow our Privacy policy and Term of Use we can take actions such as:

  1. Adding your discord account ID or IP into our blacklist to prevent you from accessing our services.
  2. Report you to Discord if you are breaking their term of use.
  3. Permanently ban you from our discord server(s).