In this text we will refer to:

You/Your/You're, The customer/user of our services.

Us/Our/We, As the Assistant team/developers.

Our services/Bot/website/API, As the services we provide. Those include but not limited to: Our bot, Our website and Our image hosting service.

Note that any external service we provide are also concerned by this.

1. Data we collect through the bot:

  1. We store the amount of messages you send and where they were sent (note that we do not save the content of the message).
  2. We also store the informations you give to us, this can include but not limited to: your profile description and the playlists you save using the save command
  3. We might collect the content of deleted/edited messages for logging purposes, Note that the server owner has to enable this feature.

Those informations are used to make the bot work, Note that none of the informations we collect are shared with others services or sold.

2. Data we collect through the website:

  1. When you login with your discord account Discord send us your username,avatar and the servers you joined, We store those temporarily until you log out, those are used to make the website work as intended.
  2. We collect your ip, the url you visit and the date for security purposes.

3. How can you ask for your data to be deleted?

If you want to delete your data you can:

    Join the support server to create a ticket or DM me on Twitter and we will assist you. We might ask for extra steps depending on the request.